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Fig 1: Novelty workspace

  1. Navigator (Novel & Scene)
  2. Asset library
  3. Scene view
  4. Properties window
  5. Action window (Story and events)

Note: The screenshot above is only one example of how the workspace could look. The workspace is very flexible. All of the individual windows can be dragged around, resized and docked to suit your needs. The workspace is saved between sessions.

Keyboard shortcuts:


The navigator has two tabs, Novel and Scene.

Fig 2: The Novel and Scene tabs

Here you manage the chapters and pages of your story. You can easily add, remove or change the order of individual pages.

Lists the layers and objects of the current scene.

Note: You can separate the tabs by clicking and dragging to one of the sides of the panel.

Asset library

The Asset library lists all of your currently available assets. To place an object in the scene, simply double-click the asset. Some assets can only be added to the project as a resource. To do this you right-click the asset and select Add to project.

See also: The Asset library

Scene view

This is the main editor window that displays the current scene.

Fig 1: Default object controls

Fig 2: Hold Ctrl to resize

Fig 3: Moving pivot (Ctrl+Alt+Shift)



This window lets you manipulate the properties of the currently selected object, action or page.


View and edit the current page's action list.

When an action is selected, a preview of the scene up to that point will be displayed in the scene view. Selecting multiple actions disables the preview.

Script editor

Create and edit scripts

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