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Using the asset library

The asset library lists all of your currently available assets. Assets come in different types and that is reflected in how they are organized in the library.

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The Asset library explained

Fig 1: The Asset library

  1. Assets tree view
  2. Asset details

Assets tree view

Assets are organized in folders based on type and custom filters. To instanciate an asset in the scene, simply double click it in the library or you can right click and select Add to scene.

Assets details

If there is any additional information attached to the currently selected asset, such as author information or a thumbnail, it is displayed here.

Note: Adding information about an asset is done by using the <Meta> tag.

Used assets

Novelty will automatically detect the assets used in your novel and list them here.

How to add assets to the library

The Asset library is a compiled list of all of the assets found in the Assets subfolder. Consequencially, to add more assets you need to place them in the Assets folder (Novelty\Assets\...).

Novelty only reads .NVZ and .XML files, so even if you've placed a JPEG texture in the Assets folder you still need to produce an NoveltyML file or import it using the wizard before it appears in the Asset library.

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