Novelty editor

How to ask the player for their name
Uploaded by Avaible
How to ask the player for their name and display it in dialogue.

How to use screens
Uploaded by Avaible
Shows how to create and display a screen page.

Content creation

NoveltyML Designer
Posted June 6, 2009
How to create a character object in the Designer.

NoveltyML vs. Design mode
Posted April 15, 2009
Two different methods of creating a compound object - with and without code.

How to create a button
Uploaded by Avaible
How to create a button object using the NoveltyML Designer.

How to import a character object
Uploaded by Skim
How to import a premade character into Novelty. You can download the Prinn character here.


Features introduced in 0.8.3
Posted September 29, 2009
This video demonstrates a set of features that was introduced in version 0.8.3: Templates, Screens and Author mode.

Story demo
Posted December 5, 2009
The (very) brief story in this demo was made in a couple of hours, where most of the time was spent writing the script. It goes to shows what you can make in a short time using Novelty.

Pixel shaders
Posted September 14, 2010
Demonstrates Novelty's recent support for programmable pixel shaders.