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Using a texture

Once you have loaded your texture you would surely like to be able to use it. Well, you can use textures as is. If all you wanted to do was to put a static image into your game then you are already done.

One very simple way of using a texture is with the <Image> tag:

<Image name="My image" texture="My texture"/>

This will create a new Image asset, called "My image", that uses the texture we loaded. It will look exactly the same as the texture alone in your game, so why did we do this?

Texture vs. Image

The reason is that an Image is an Object type while Texture is a Resource type. Basically, a texture is just a file sitting on your hard drive while an Image offers much much more customization.

Try adding any of the following attributes to the tag above:


Moving forward

Evidently <Image> tags does more than just displaying an image. Textures can be used by other asset types as well, such as Buttons, Fonts, Borders, etc.

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