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Sharing objects between multiple pages

Sometimes it's necessary to use the same set of objects inside multiple pages. By default, objects reside only inside the page in which they were created.

To share objects between pages you need to place them inside a global layer. A global layer can be inserted into any page of your story.

Creating a global layer

In the Story window under the Scene tab, click the Add global layer button () and select New global layer.

Note: Objects inside a global layer will persist between page changes.

Fig 1: Creating a new global layer

Adding a global layer to a page

Press the Add global layer button and select the global layer you wish to add from the list.

Fig 2: Adding an existing global layer

Setting up automatic addition of global layers

Right click on a global layer and check the Add layer to new pages option from the menu. This causes Novelty to automatically add the layer to new pages that you create. This is convenient when you intend to use the same global layer in several pages.

Fig 3: Enabling auto-addition

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