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NoveltyML Designer

The best and easiest way to write NoveltyML is by using the Designer. It's located in the same folder as Novelty. Just run Designer.exe. Alternatively you can run it directly from within Novelty. You will find it in the File menu.

Assets folder

Before you begin, it's important to note that Novelty will only read assets that are located in the Assets folder (Novelty\Assets\). Consequentially, any file you wish to use - whether it is an image or a sound file - needs to be copied into that folder. It is recommended that you sort your assets in folders by type, eg. Novelty\Assets\Textures for textures and so forth.

Loading the texture

Once the texture have been copied into the assets folder you are free to load it using NoveltyML. We do this with the <Texture> tag.

<Texture source="Assets\Textures\SomeImageFile.jpg" name="My texture"/>

That's it! The Designer should have updated and you should be able to see the texture in the view window.

The source attribute tells Novelty which file to load, in this case SomeImageFile.jpg. Next, this new asset is given a friendlier name: "My texture". All assets requires a name.

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